What does a copywriter do?

    Copywriters DO imagine, that's for sure. It's a part of every brief. But what else does a copywriter do? It's an important question for any business starting out or wanting to grow. The best way to answer is to look at the context from which a professionally trained copywriter emerges – advertising.

    Advertising agencies live or die by the quality of their copywriters, who are one half of the creative duplex–the copywriter-art director team. The quality of their combined output is normally overseen by a creative director, who has typically earned their stripes as either a copywriter or art director themselves. You can read more about what a copywriter does from a top London copywriter here.

    In an agency setting, it is the copywriter who generally spots any gaps in understanding of the product or service offering, as he or she is the one who, in the final analysis, must ensure that promotional wording is absolutely accurate and will persuade an audience to buy.

    A copywriter is skilled in assessing your product

    Whether a physical or digital product, or a service, a copywriter is skilled at looking at it from every angle to determine its differentiating features. These can be subtle, and it is experience across markets and categories that distinguish an award-winning copywriter from the rabble. Skilled in noting and interpreting detail, a professional copywriter will generally ask a lot of questions, before arriving at a brief that everyone can agree upon, before creative work is undertaken.  

    A copywriter understands your business

    This is obviously crucial to understanding your product. A copywriter must get to know your business and will ask the questions to quickly bring them up to speed. In this process they will learn to understand your goals and expectations and often gain a unique perspective that will identify hidden business opportunities.

    A copywriter gets you in front of your audience

    Have you ever wondered why some businesses are at the top of search page rankings, while yours is lost deep down in the Google pages? Algorithms are changing all the time, but a copywriter can give you the best chance of being seen by those who will buy from you. Copywriters are experts in:

    • Writing content for both human audiences and search engines
    • Originating and repurposing content to achieve your business objectives
    • Converting ‘eyers’ to buyers with the use of accurate, persuasive content
    • Analysing the impact of content interventions and working towards greater conversion

    So if you’re ready to inject imagination, attract more attention, engage your readers and convert more of them into clients, a communications health check by an experienced copywriter may be just what you need to get you moving in the right direction.

    Contact me today for a no-obligation, free consultation, and find out how this particular award-winning copywriter may be able to help you. You can only imagine.


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