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    I recently worked with a client to whom I had lost a pitch a couple of months earlier in favour of a company in 'the top ten digital marketing agencies in the UK'. In other words, I pitched, lost the pitch to this whizz-bang agency and, a couple of months later, the company came back and asked if I could help with amending their copy (which everyone in their organisation agreed was way off beam).

    In fact, it was a complete re-write, and it's not the first time I have been called in for the same reason. I make this point not to puff myself up, but because it highlights a basic problem I am encountering with increasing regularity - which is that digital marketing agencies are not necessarily skilled in classical marketing,

    They may be able to wipe the floor clean with their UX creds and their SM schedules, but what they may not be able to do is BASIC MARKETING. By which I mean good, old-fashioned stuff like product and competitor analysis, competitive positioning, and all those other basics that have oftentimes been thrown under the bus.

    Of course, this is all part of the AI slide - wherein the bells and whistles become way more important than the message. But that's not much use to a company with a brand new product that needs to be persuasively launched into a crowded UK marketplace. Or one that is working to a tight commercial deadline and needs swift internal approval (in this particular situation, I was called in on the tenth draft).

    In this case, you need distinctive USPs and razor-sharp clarity of messaging, which distinguishes you at a glance. And just because you're living it large on Facebook, Instagram and wherever else you're posting, doesn't mean you're persuading anyone - for this, you need carefully crafted, competitive messaging - then you have half a chance of making your mark on social media.

    If your top ten DM agency isn't quite cutting the mustard, consider hiring in an experienced copywriter who has earned her stripes in blue-chip advertising, where understanding classical marketing is an absolute non-negotiable. 


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