Outsource content marketing? That is the question.

    According to a 2020 B2B survey report, the answer to this is ‘yes’ when it comes to at least one content marketing activity - content creation.

    Content creation is the activity B2B marketers are most likely to outsource, regardless of company size or content marketing budget. The top three types of content B2B marketers outsource are 1. social media content (95% of the outsourcers), 2. blog posts and short articles (89%) and 3. email newsletters (81%).

    This is  not surprising. Companies are all-too-often busy with doing what they do best, which is as it should be. Creating content is a skilled and time-consuming occupation, which depends upon the copywriter’s ability to identify the most pressing communication challenge, formulate an engaging core story and adapt for different content distribution channels. This all presupposes a clear marketing strategy and an identified target audience. In reality, what often happens is that, in the process of outsourcing to a competent writer, shortfalls in these fundamental areas become more evident.

    Take it as an encouraging sign if your outsourcee is able to identify such shortfalls, and take full advantage of their insights. Professional copywriters with an advertising pedigree bring more to the table than just the ability to write. Experience at the ‘sharp end’ of the marketing communications cascade makes them consummate marketers in their own right - they simply must have this knowledge in order to perform in any serious commercial setting. 

    This is one of the reasons why, though it’s tempting to resort to the race-to-the-bottom platforms currently on bus-sides and underground hoardings in London (someone with very deep pockets must be funding this campaign), it may be wise to consider other options as well. By all means, give it a try, but as the saying goes, you do tend to get what you pay for. 

    Photography by Bruce Mars


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