Starting a new online business?

    In this age of lock-ups, censorship and general confusion about all things covidian, many are recognising the need to diversify and develop new income streams to protect their livelihoods. Predictions by our friends at the World Economic Forum that by 2030 "we will own nothing and be happy" do nothing if not focus the mind upon the need for versatility. 

    A professional copywriter is gifted in the art of communication. She is skilled in analysing your product offering, assessing its advantages over competitors and finding the words you need to distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace. She is also skilled in finding the words that the Google algorithms deem most valuable (i.e. SEO), to give you the best chance of being found by the people most likely to buy your product or service.

    Most people struggle to do this for themselves - it's not as easy as it might appear. In frustration, they may turn the task over to a digital media provider. These good burghers are usually experienced in design and programming, but not in the promotional application of words. Sure, you can get away with design and pics that look the part, but sooner or later, the words will need the attention due to them, if you're serious about building a brand. 

    The best copywriters are experienced wordsmiths - look for an advertising agency pedigree. Such folk understand the process of creating and delivering content from working alongside other creatives from complementary disciplines. Talk to them and you'll soon understand the difference.

    And there's nothing like a smiling, fully exposed, non-robotic face at the other end of a Zoom call - she will have Jarvis running for cover! Call or email for a no-obligation, informal discussion about whether your start-up or fledgeling business may benefit from a copywriting health check. 



    Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash


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