LinkedIn makeover overdue?

    Do you realise that, in the last year, since the world and his wife are working online, there has been a 50% uptick in content on LinkedIn? Call me old-fashioned (2+2=4 is s-o-o-o yesterday), but I’d wager that such a statistic speaks to the millions of users who are now having to shape up on social media  - and particularly on LinkedIn, given that it is, by its own reckoning, the world’s largest professional network.


    So how’s your profile looking? Is it just as you would like? Is it up-to-date? How often are you being contacted by those who want to get to know you better, or perhaps even hire you? With 740 million users and counting, it’s a forum you cannot afford to ignore if you’re serious about your visibility.


    Like the builder who puts off his own home maintenance, I have to confess that mine could do with a lick of paint. So, sometime in the near future, I will be looking to check off the following list - and yes, please do hold me to account!


    1. What’s my audience’s first impression? How’s the photography and what about my header banner - are the visual associations right for my brand? Do I stand out from the crowd?

    2. Is my job title accurate and keyword rich? Am I using my character allowance to best effect?

    3. How’s my summary looking?  Does it reflect the type of work I’m doing now and/or want to be doing in future? Does it speak to my audience? Reflect my authentic tone of voice? Capture my achievements and capabilities without going into verse and song? Make it clear why I’m better than the rest?

    4. Have I completed all fields? Are there recent clients I could approach to appraise my skills and ask for a testimonial?

    5. Overall, have I struck the balance between keywords, industry jargon, holding my audience and keeping my communication to the point?


    If, like the builder, you’re too busy tending to clients to get to your own home maintenance, consider hiring me to conduct a LinkedIn appraisal and makeover.


    For a modest fee (and I’ve heard about the eye-watering rates others are charging), I’ll take a little time to interview you, appraise your existing personal brand and, then, write you a distinctive profile, which will satisfy your aspirations, and get you found by the right people for the right reasons. If you want, we can look at your CV while we’re at it.


    Look past the shiny frontends and the earnest claims, to writing with decades of brand experience behind it. Persuasive copywriting that doesn’t need to screech from the rooftops, or pretend there’s some kind of secret sauce to promotional writing, to justify the fee. Call me today for a no-obligation chat - I  promise, you’ll notice the difference.


    Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


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