How to write reports that impress

    Rifling through some old papers, I found this delightful clipping that must surely be the foundational principle used in writing many of today's reports. 

    Winning at wordmanship when writing reports is, according to the writer, helped by choosing any three-digit number and combining three corresponding words from the lists in Columns 1, 2 and 3 above. 

    In this way, 1-2-3 becomes 'integrated monitored mobility'.

    And, in like manner, 5-6-7 becomes 'responsive transitional projection'.

    It's absolute genius!

    The only possible drawback might be that, in the days since the clipping was published (and it looks to be old), the patience of the average reader has surely declined - it takes a mental computation to arrive at your destination.

    Do readers thesedays have the time or the inclination to penetrate such terminology?  Even if they do, they're bound to apply the prevailing rule of making the resultant phrase mean whatever they want it to mean. Perfectly legit given the construction.

    Need a report writer? Promise I won't use this method...!





    Veritas says (Jan 21, 2020):

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