How good is Jarvis?

    The internet is all a-buzz with the recent launch of Jarvis, a friendly robot copywriter who promises to solve all your copywriting needs at the fraction of the cost of a human one. Aside from the lawsuit I'm tempted to file for the systematic  pilfering of my intellectual property over many years (Google has been progressively building its AI copywriting brain from the fruits of my - and others' - labour), I'm fascinated to see how this is all going to pan out.

    It's a day many of us have known was coming and it's not a particularly welcome one. But the drive to zero knows no bounds with the AI monster now being unleashed on humanity. I expect Jarvis will go down extremely well, promising those who seek to promote their wares the ability to become overnight commercial wordsmiths. I have to admit, it does look pretty good. I plan to give it a test run myself, and will report my findings - or perhaps Jarvis will. (Why keep a dog and bark myself I hear myself ask.)

    One thing we can anticipate with the advent of Jarvis and its clones is the further dumbing down of the language - any language - as the amount of original content on the web becomes subsumed into the hive mind. I would expect that, at some point, as has happened with SEO, the reader will know that the content comes from the all-pervasive uni-mind. This will hopefully add value to original content, which will become a rarer commodity as we move forward (or backward, as the case may be). Expect books to become ho-hum and all of a piece, too, as Jarvis opportunists crank out missives at the rate of knots and upload them to - where else - Amazon. 

    The mark of excellence of a copywriter is the ability to assess the entire ecosystem of the product or service in question and apply communication strategy that is not just about the words, but the when, where, how and what of the commercial context. The bird's eye view from a strategic communications perspective, rather than just a concern with word mechanics.

    So I see Jarvis as a positive development - and am looking forward to giving it (him?) a spin, if you'll pardon the pun. I'm hoping, as with many of the helpful hive-mind projects on offer, it will only be as good as its master.

    P.S. What all? Really?


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