"Over many years in this business I have had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know, a large number of freelance creatives. Most are highly professional and some are truly exceptional. Jacqui Hogan belongs to this elite latter group. She has the rare ability to shift gear seamlessly from precise medical writing to brilliant and challenging conceptual thinking. On top of this, she is able to work in a team or independently, is diligent and dependable and, not least, warm, funny and clever. You may not be surprised that I recommend her highly to you.



"I engaged Jacqui Hogan to create my new website. In fact she built a whole new brand; building the concept, writing the content and delivering the product on time and on budget.

Jacqui listens attentively, carefully considers what is really meant, and produces a polished finished product which accurately and elegantly expresses the original idea with great clarity and poise.

The right words placed at the right point, in the right way at the right price; communication of every selling point with precision and flair. I totally recommend her."





Finding you the right words to reach and engage your target audience

As a consumer of words by your very nature, you know that when confronted by communication that doesn’t speak to you quickly and clearly, you will move right along. The voice that will win your attention and spur you to action is the one that addresses you swiftly and authentically. The same applies to your target audience - your bottom line rides on what you say and how you say it. 

Robin Lawrence, Director,

96 Harley Street, London

Mike Walker, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, London

Content creation is not that easy,

so don't be surprised if this is you.

  •   Small/medium business owner struggling to find the words you need to create website and other promotional materials...

  •   Digital marketer great on tech, but in need of inspired words and ideas to promote your clients’ brands...

  •   Social media influencer in need of professional writing support to create credible and compelling blogs and optimal social profiles...

  •   Content marketing agency needing an extra ‘safe pair of hands’ to whom to outsource professional content services...   

  •   Know what you want to say, but up against time constraints and need help turning content around...

Words create your world.

Make sure you choose them well.

. Hi, I'm Jacqui. I'm a copywriter and communications consultant. I understand the power of words, and can deploy them to distinguish your business in this digital age being forged by words – the age of personal branding, innovative startups, content dominance and digital transformation. Let me help you develop your web content.  blog articles and high quality marketing content to take your business to the next level.


Please call, email or message me

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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