Easy-to-find, easy-to-use websites and e-content

Having a website is now a basic entry ticket for any kind of meaningful interaction with the world. And, as with everything in life, the way your website looks and feels will say something about you. But first your audience needs to find you, a process that’s becoming ever more sophisticated.

Words by Jacqui works with a trusted team of design and digital media professionals to create competitively pitched, well-crafted, search engine-optimised (SEO) websites. Using programming techniques such as key word and phrase distribution throughout written content, your site can be tailored to maximise incoming traffic.

Words by Jacqui websites are expertly planned and well written, with a scoping document specifying size and functionality serving as a guiding blueprint. Variables such as RSS feeds, blogs, contact forms, social media links and moving content can all be accommodated, ever-mindful of branding objectives, writing style, site stability and navigation.

Wherever new digital content is needed – updates of visible content, behind-the-scenes SEO, e-newsletters or blog content to name but a few – Words by Jacqui can deliver beautifully realised, results-driven, creative solutions. PROJECTS...

““Thought you may be interested in the success of the [e-newsletter]
The results show it was very well received – 680 people from 39 countries and 1,404 site hits in total. Not bad at all.”

Stuart Money, Head of Digital Media, Saatchi & Saatchi, London