2. How we work with you

Once we've discussed your requirements and agreed a fee with you, we aim to continue to work on it, without you incurring a further fee, until the completion of the job to your satisfaction. Please refer to the diagram in the adjacent column for a breakdown of the flow of work from initial consultation to final delivery. In order to avoid the possibility of the amendment process continuing unreasonably (that is to say, your amendments being delivered to us in a piecemeal, ad-hoc fashion), the service of which you are contractually assured for the fee we agree is defined as and limited to: preparation and submission of first draft; integration of one round of your feedback amendments to allow preparation and submission of a second draft; integration of one round of your final amendments and delivery of job. Depending on the size and nature of the work required, you may wish to engage us at an hourly rate, in which case we will always give you a reasonable estimate of the time we expect the job to take. If there is any danger of the job significantly over-running this estimate, we will give you advance warning and advise on strategies for completing the job in the region of the estimate. When working at an hourly rate, billable time will include all correspondence in relation to the job.

3. Working with communication service agencies

If you are a communication service agency (e.g. advertising agency or web design company) and you brief us to work on a project for one of your clients, a contract will exist only between us and you, and not between us and your client. You agree to indemnify us against any claim by any client of yours for compensation for possible damages brought about as a consequence of any material we produce for you. NEXT PAGE...

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