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Words by Jacqui is headed up by Jacqueline Hogan, who began her career as a Dietitian and subsequently followed her nose in the direction of her vocation – writing. She has worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam and other household names in advertising, honing her craft as a Copywriter.

A highly skilled professional communicator, she is passionate about the power of words and has used them in every conceivable medium – both functionally, in generating clarity for business strategies and creatively, in implementing these across print and digital media.

Jacqui has worked with clients in most key market sectors, including the corporate, pharmaceutical and professional arenas. While specialist knowledge is always helpful, what is far more indicative of excellence in copywriting is a broad constellation of skills – the ability to get up to speed on subject matter quickly, an innate gift with words, and an appreciation of the commercial context in which the words must perform.

Some writers are valued for their competence in one or two of these areas; Jacqui is demonstrably accomplished in all three. Her commitment is that she writes for you, accurately, elegantly and persuasively, exactly what you want to say – even when, as is often the case, you didn’t know you wanted to say it. SERVICES...

“Jacqui is an excellent creative and strategic thinker, with a gift for generating ideas, articulating them and converting them into persuasive written communication. She is a natural presenter, highly organised and well able to manage projects to meet, often tight, deadlines.”

Barry Gowers, CEO Gowers Advertising (now of Gowers Consulting), London

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