Consulting, assessing, researching, distilling

Almost all writing projects, unless very simple, need to happen in stages. It’s the mark of an experienced writer that these stages be clearly anticipated and enunciated to you. It’s important that the quote you receive accurately reflects the task at hand and that everyone is working off the same page.

It’s also important for you to schedule your time into the project, since your feedback will be as important to the outcome as the input of the originator. Words by Jacqui always works within the bounds of rigorous process to avoid lack of clarity, misunderstandings and unexpected outcomes.

Once a quote has been agreed, we will ask you to think carefully about what you want us to achieve both strategically and creatively. We will then draft a project or item brief, which, once agreed, will provide an objective reference point and enable us to move forward.

We may ask you a lot of questions. The clearer you are and the more reference material you can make available, the less research, questions and assumptions we will need to make in order to get the job done. The content that results from this process can then be presented to you, in the format you specify, or transformed into physical items, like websites, leaflets or brochures. WEBSITES...

“Jacqui's experience and professionalism make even the most difficult of jobs seem uncomplicated, and this makes her a pleasure to work with, no matter how large or small the project."

Dev Daws, Managing Director, Daws & Associates, Berkshire, UK