Creative writing

Alongside her work as a promotional communicator and writer, Jacqui also writes creatively and, to date, has had three plays performed. She is passionate about the power of words to motivate, persuade and inspire audiences, no matter what the context.

Writing that moves people, she maintains, whether to purchase a moisturiser, buy in consultancy services or to reassess their lives, is about the same process – placing oneself in the audience’s shoes and speaking to them from a place of knowing about their hopes, aspirations and desires. Her creative writing greatly informs her promotional work and vice versa.

Jacqui has recently authored her first book and is leveraging the new opportunities for narrative form arising out of social media and the e-publishing revolution. FOLLOW...

“Cleverly written and well acted, Who Needs Therapy explores role reversal and power play. Satirising therapy and painting psychobabble as claptrap, this play features impressive performances.”, February 2008