In-house editorial, company magazine, Nestlé UK

Brief: Write a feature article with emphasis on food and diet

Copy excerpt: “Paris in the summertime – so much vibrance and style. The lean good looks of the multinational mob certainly caught my eye. European men, confidently self-aware, sporting boldly effeminate designs and their women – self-assured, colourful, geometric, beautiful. I found myself opting for the decadent pleasures of the streetside café as often as for the tourist attractions. There’s nothing quite like torso-tracking over freshly brewed café noir and a lingering spot of aniseed-infused pastis.

Seldom was there evidence of overweight amidst the throng. It took me a couple of days to realise this was something to which my trained eye had become accustomed on the high streets across the channel. So what is it about this fabulous food culture that makes overweight the exception here rather than the rule? Quite a revelation when one considers that a Frenchman’s very social existence hinges on his appreciation of good food and very good wine.”