Health professional mailing Protium

Brief: Communicate the superior formulation of Protium compared with competitor treatments

Copy excerpt: “The Metropolitan Museum of Art, arguably the greatest museum in the western hemisphere, is home to some of the world’s finest and most enduring design classics, not least among them Phillipe Starck’s Juicy Salif. Starck’s designs are never conventional or classifiable according to traditional precepts – Juicy Salif turns the everyday concept of juice squeezing into an art form, while retaining clean, effective simplicity. It’s a bit like Protium for controlling acid.

Protium is a similarly outstanding Proton Pump Inhibitor treatment. It has all the effectiveness inherent in a PPI with some small, but significant, differences. With minimal drug interactions and bioavailability unaffected by food, like Juicy Salif, it is clean in profile and simple to use. If Phillipe Starck had gastric problems, wouldn’t he design Protium?”