Helping a research organisation reach out to the global health industry

Researching and developing drugs to improve human health is a notoriously costly business. Pharmaceutical companies must factor into their business models the many drugs that will fall by the wayside, sometimes well into the process. Pharmagene, now merged with Asterand, specialised in developing human tissue-based research platforms to accelerate and streamline the identification and validation of potentially viable drug candidates for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They approached us to help sell these services, following a first writer’s unsuccessful attempt to get to grips with the subject matter.

We approached the task by gaining a clear understanding of the product offering – a complex combination of human tissue access, gene expression data and biomedical research technologies. From here, we identified our target audience and where our client’s product offering conceivably met with their need.

The ‘what’ we had to say now established, we had arrived at the question of ‘how’. People are people before they are scientists and, despite the complex product offering, we knew the audience would best respond to simple, arresting visual and content, just as we all do. The ‘Can you’, ‘Should you’, ‘Just imagine’ headlines were intriguing, eye-catching propositions that invited the audience into dialogue, enabling us to then explain complicated concepts in greater detail.

The project was completed entirely remotely, by phone and email, a process which, we all agreed, compromised neither the integrity of the work, nor the quality of the outcome. Campaign elements spanned web content, downloadable e-brochure, ad campaign, e-mailing and stand branding for use at international exhibitions. By engaging a writer who was also a qualified scientist, the project could be completed with accuracy, assurance and ease.