Leaflet proposal for Tate Britain

Brief: Engage, entertain and enter into dialogue with visitors to the gallery

Copy excerpt: “So you’re off to a dinner party. Good for you. There are not nearly enough of them, we reckon. Dinner parties usually mean two things – good food and, horror of horrors, yawning gaps in the conversation.

We’re here to help. There’s no reason why you, with your obvious penchant for all things cultural, should be at a loss for words. Bon viveur, patron of the arts, call yourself what you will – we’re going to make you the life and soul of the party.

If you’re going on your own, the opening rounds may be slightly nerve-wracking (you may also be interested in The First Date Collection). For an exercise in character-building, we recommend you stand in front of Sir Joshua Reynold’s ‘A Man’s Head’.

Now don’t panic! While it’s unlikely you’ll encounter this when you first take your place at the table, it is possible.”