Communication consultancy and copywriting

It’s tempting to think that anyone can write. In our interconnected, quick-fire, technology-driven world, it seems it’s no longer the preserve of the few to put fingers to keyboard to motivate, persuade or inspire an audience. Just look at the mountains of content out there.

At Words by Jacqui, we’re not convinced. Because we know that writing – writing of any value, that is – is a hard-won craft that takes years to settle into the bones. Only then does the magic flow.

So if you’re struggling with a writing challenge – be it content for a website, e-newsletter, brochure, blog or anything else that requires words – you may find it’s best outsourced to a professional communicator, who can not only tell your story, but ensure your content is carefully authored to meet the demands of evolving new media.

Perhaps you have a broader challenge – positioning your new business or taking stock of an existing business with a view to rebranding. Words by Jacqui can assess your market, examine your competitors’ messaging and make recommendations for where and how to pitch yourself to most powerfully influence your target audience. PROFILE...

“Over many years in this business I have had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know, a large number of freelance creatives. Most are highly professional and some are truly exceptional. Jacqui Hogan belongs to this elite latter group.”

Mike Walker, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, London